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Teachers Using EI in their Classrooms
Examples of activities and suggestions for EI implementation are located in the tables below. Most files on this page are available in PDF format, which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Two types of resources:

Contribute your experiences
If you have used EI in your classroom and would like to share your experiences with other teachers, you may do so through our teacher discussion board, or you may send a note to EnvInquiry@cornell.edu.


Strategies for Engaging Students in Research

Implementing Student Research
by Harry Canning
Newark Valley High School

A general template for teachers interested in encouraging their students to conduct authentic inquiry-based research.

Download the file:

Building Communities of Science Learners
by Harry Canning
Newark Valley High School

Strategies and resources for providing successful learning environments for all students both within a class and across classrooms.

Download the file:


Case Study Examples

Acid Rain and Environmental Toxins: Toxicity Testing Using Bioassays
by Harry Canning
Newark Valley High School

A presentation of how one teacher used bioassays in his Applied Science classes

Download the file:
PowerPoint | PDF



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